I have been teaching Kindergarten & reading  for 25 years.  I am certified in Elementary Education as well as Primary Education in the State of Florida.  I have had a dream of beginning my own reading consultation for many years.  

I love teaching reading!

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a child first get that spark and read!

Peggy Inverso

Why Parents Participate? 

With consulting, parents are active participants in the process!  I will work with your child, but also with YOU.  This will give you activities to continue during the week, making each session continual in learning.

Success Builds Success!

Our goal will be to build small blocks of success, and make learning fun and meaningful!

What is a Multi Sensory Approach?

All of us learn through vision, auditory and tactile/kinesthetic (touch and movement).  Most of us learn better using a variety of these sensory approaches.  We will use a variety of sensory approaches to ensure your child learns best!